At Mindbuffs, we are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself. Our goal is to empower you to unlock your inner strength and resilience, and our approach is all about engaging with you as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms or issues.

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Therapy That Doesn't Feel Like Therapy

Our counselling philosophy at Mindbuffs is centered around the idea that therapy should be as unique and dynamic as the individuals receiving it. Forget the stereotypical image of a therapist who only asks, “And how does that make you feel?” – We’re here to have real conversations, offering insights and strategies to help you become the best version of yourself in a setting that feels comfortable and inviting.

We combine the professionalism and expertise you expect from therapy with the ease and familiarity of a chat with a friend. Our therapists are committed to guiding you through your challenges, not just with questions, but with genuine, interactive dialogue that leads to actionable solutions and personal growth.

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Explore the Transformative Benefits of Counselling

Discover how our individual psychology sessions can enhance your well-being and personal development in all aspects of life.

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Deepened self-understanding and insight

Dive into a journey of self-discovery in a space where therapy feels like a heart-to-heart conversation. Unpack your thoughts and feelings to gain insights into who you are and what drives you, all in an environment that feels more like a coffee shop chat than a clinical session.

Effective coping strategies for life’s challenges

Learn to tackle life's ups and downs with strategies that are tailored to your individual needs. Our therapy sessions are designed to provide relatable, real-world solutions that help you face life's challenges with confidence.

Enhanced emotional well-being

Achieve a balanced emotional state in a supportive environment where your feelings are validated and understood. Our counselling sessions aim to address emotional struggles, such as anxiety and depression, helping you find peace and stability. Together, we'll work on strategies that foster emotional healing and long-term well-being.

Boosted self-esteem and confidence

Build a stronger sense of self-worth and confidence through supportive counselling that encourages you to recognize and celebrate your strengths. Overcome self-doubt and build a positive self-image, equipping you to face life with confidence and assertiveness.

Improved relationships and social skills

Therapy offers a space to gain insights into your relational patterns and equip you with the tools to foster healthier, more satisfying relationships. Learn how to build stronger connections and interact more effectively with others with insights that are as useful as they are actionable.

Get support in an instant

If you are in crisis, you may call the 24-hour distress line at 780-482-4357, the Access 24/7 Mental Health Line at 780-424-2424, HealthLink at 811 or the Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642.
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Take your team's game to the next level

Unlock the collective potential of your team with our specialized sports psychology team sessions. Discover how our expert sports psychologists can transform your team's dynamic, improve performance under pressure, and help you achieve your goals.


Frequently asked questions

Does Mindbuffs offer direct billing?

At Mindbuffs, many of our therapists offer direct billing. This means that they can submit the costs of your therapy sessions directly to your insurance company. However, the ability to direct bill and the range of insurance companies that each therapist can direct bill may differ among our staff. We suggest contacting our clinic or consulting with your therapist to check if your therapist can direct bill your insurance plan.

Are individual therapy sessions covered under my insurance plan?

Yes, individual therapy sessions may be covered under your insurance plan, but it depends on the specifics of your coverage. Mental health coverage can vary widely among insurance providers and plans. To understand your coverage fully, we advise contacting your insurance company directly. Inquire about the specifics of your mental health benefits, including the required credentials for your therapist and any applicable co-pays or deductibles.

How do I choose a therapist?

Choosing a therapist is a deeply personal decision. It's important to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who has experience and expertise in the areas you want to work on. We recommend reviewing our therapist profile pages for comprehensive insights into each member of our team. Additionally, many of our therapists provide 15-minute phone consultations free of charge.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of therapy sessions required will vary based on individual factors, including the nature and severity of the issues you're facing, your personal therapy goals, and the treatment methods deemed most effective for your situation. Other practical considerations, such as your availability and finances, may also play a role. During your initial consultation, your therapist will gain a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives, and you will collaborate to outline a treatment plan that best fits your circumstances and supports your journey toward well-being.

How often should I attend therapy?

The frequency of therapy sessions will depend on your unique circumstances and treatment goals. Initially, sessions may be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly to establish a therapeutic relationship and address immediate concerns. As you move forward, you and your therapist will work together to evaluate and modify the frequency of sessions, adapting it to your changing needs and ensuring it promotes your ongoing progress.