Our Philosophy

At Mindbuffs, we bring our collective experience in athletics, business, e-sports, and coaching into our Sport and Performance Psychology practice to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in every area of your life as you bring your game to the next level by flexing the most important muscle in your kit: your mind. Our work is relational; we come alongside individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations, working together to develop the self-awareness, culture, confidence, and focus that guides high performance. 

If you are simply looking to make stress more manageable, we can show you how to take on any challenge by strengthening your internal world with the most reliable mental and emotional skills within the field of psychology. If you are looking to move from surviving to thriving, discover how to strengthen your brain through the latest sport and performance research and how neuropsychology techniques such as EMDR, CBT, and mindfulness can increase your ability to be more effective and efficient with everything that you do. 


We absolutely love what we do and hope that our work ethic, experience, and passion is something that you would like to be a part of as well. 



Alex Schinke

Registered Psychologist

EMDR Trained

Mat de Moissac

Registered Provisional Psychologist,

 EMDR Trained

Cathryn Beck

Canadian Certified Counsellor,
Registered Provisional Psychologist