The Adventures of a Pro Hockey Player with Nick Johnson Part 2 | Purpose and Identity Ep 2

Episode description

During part 2 of this conversation, Nick and Mat discuss the conundrum of one’s fixed identity within sport and how it impacts a player’s progression through competitive sports. There are a million books on “how to be successful” written by millionaires and famous people who completely leave out the two most important variables: Who you know and who you are. The latter is something far more within our control. In this episode, we discuss our youth sports experiences and examine the relationship between identity and things like motivation, competition, ‘pecking orders’, and personality. We also take a closer look at what, if any, changes we need to make as we progress through the ranks of sport and business. Lastly, we briefly discuss the realities of retirement and the unavoidable identity crisis that ensues.  

 Interestingly enough, Mat and Nick uncover positive youth sport experiences as inspiring forces that can actually uphold motivation while an athlete progresses through competitive ranks. Captivating stories of team dynamics and ‘pecking orders’, a discussion on how much one’s approach actually needs to change as you progress through (seemingly more pressure filled) levels, and the dynamics of transitioning away from sport and athlete identity; fill out this novel take on our ideas of ultra commitment to sport.

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