Pride Month: Diversity and Practical Tips for Difficult Conversations

Episode description

If you haven't already, go back and listen to our What is the Difference Between Discomfort and Insecurity episode here!

- SOGIE: Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression. We use this acronym as our umbrella term for the conversation

- Safe space versus welcoming and inclusive space

- Dispelling misinformation: Specific to drag queens and the belief that there is kitty litter in schools... Yes, we sure talk about it! 

- Attacks on identity and how some people in the SOGIE community lean into parts of self and others lean away

- The mental health challenges people in the SOGIE communities face 

- How to create normalization in conversations

- Diversity at the table. Who sits at your table?  

- Pronouns! Making mistakes is part of learning

- The difference between worldview and actions 

- What is the difference between being a shield and a sword?

- Allyship and co-conspiratorship. 

- Ally is a verb. What actions can we take?

Episode guest

Dayna Starke

Unlicensed Mental Health Therapist