What is Sport and Performance Psychology? | Performance Psychology and Pop Culture Ep 1

Episode description

There are a lot of misconceptions about the world of sport psychology from what it is, how it helps, and who it’s for.  For the last few decades, you would only ever see a sport psychologist working at the Olympic games, helping athletes with focus, self-talk, pre-competition routine, visualization, and the invisible power of confidence. The work that we do with our clients though, both athlete and non-athlete, is far more robust than habit formation and behavioural conditioning. The team at Mindbuffs uses the tools in their extra large, Hermione-sized bag to help all people achieve peak performance because these mindbuffs aren’t just for athletes. That sweet sweet feeling of flow state, the fully present, everything goes the way I want in the blink of an eye experience, is something that is hardwired into our DNA. All humans have the desire and ability to achieve mastery and purpose in their lives, so grab some popcorn, wipe down those baseboards, or keep your eyes on the road as you listen to this episode.

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Episode guest

Alex Schinke

Registered Psychologist