Performance Psychology

Calling all Actors, Artists, and Musicians

The demands placed on artists are so high. You self-promote, collaborate, network, apply for grants and opportunities to share your skill. All this, of course, is additional to the hours you spend practicing and honing your craft (not to mention that pesky day job). We’re tired just writing about it. 


Performance is an aspect of any artistic endeavour; stepping onto a stage or sharing your work with the public requires massive amounts of creative energy and the courage to be vulnerable with others. As you move through your day, we can help you tackle the doubts and struggles that all artists face. For live performers this might look like building team cohesion in casts, bands, and collaborative groups; strengthening overall confidence and performance skills; and defending against burnout and creative blocks before they happen. More broadly, the Mindbuffs team can support any artist as they look to strengthen the mental side of their practice, address underlying sources of stress, and deal with the pressures facing all creatives. 


At Mindbuffs we want to help individuals engage with their creative potential in a way that benefits every aspect of their lives. Your creativity is woven through every part of you and requires holistic support. Together we will help you understand what motivates your work, how to play to your strengths, and care for your creativity so it’s always ready when you need it most.

Decrease performance anxiety

Stay focused while performing

Overcome stage fright

Develop skills to stay calm if an error occurs on stage or during a performance

Strengthen emotional control

Increase confidence and self-esteem

Learn to effectively transition in and out of character

Communicate effectively with your performance team

Reasons to Utilize Performance Psychology

Still not sure if Performance Psychology is right for you?

Mindbuffs offers information sessions for those considering whether to include performance psychology within their organization or group.

Types of Sessions

At Mindbuffs, we offer both Individual and Group Performance Psychology sessions. 

For Individuals

(50-minute session)

You will have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, create goals to get to where you want to be and get to your peak performance levels more efficiently. If you are looking to enhance your skills for an upcoming performance, this is the best direction for you!

For Groups, Bands, and Casts

(60-minute session)

Your group will have the opportunity to work on various skills to improve certain aspects of their performance both on and off the stage. Our goal with groups is to have everyone move forward together, increase group cohesion and self-awareness, and create a supportive, healthy culture.