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Lvl up your skills while being AFK 👾

What if you could buff your mind and have the effects become a permanent passive ability? What if, instead of feeling on tilt, raging, or weaponizing that frustration through toxicity, you could know exactly why you’re experiencing what you’re experiencing and be in control of how you respond? ​

Reasons to utilize esports psychology

We work with esports athletes by helping them overcome emotional and mental barriers that may interfere with their peak performance.

Improve focus

It doesn't matter how much time you spend training or practicing — if you're unable to focus on what you're doing, then all of your hard work is basically for nothing. Sports psychologists teach mental skills that esports athletes can use to train their minds to stay focused when they need it most.

Learn to manage performance anxiety

Many esports athletes struggle to achieve peak performance due to performance anxiety. You might worry that a mistake or poor play will cost you the game or what other players might think of you. Sports psychologists can help you overcome this type of anxiety by helping you understand how it works and how to control it.

Become the most OP version of yourself

Sports psychology is about learning how to thrive in the face of challenges and adversity by adopting a growth mindset. This means that you are constantly improving, even if just by 1%, every day. By increasing your awareness and learning “right effort,” gaming can help you become the most OP version of yourself. 

Are you ready to lvl up your game?

Mindbuffs offers both individual and team esports psychology sessions, which are tailored to the needs of each athlete. Our services are available to all levels of esports athletes, from beginners to professionals.

Individual sessions

Whether you are looking to enhance your overall performance or prepare for the upcoming season, Mindbuffs is here to help you achieve your goals. Through a combination of traditional Sports Psychology practices and personalized performance sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself and how you can get the most out of your game.

Team or small group sessions

We believe that athletes should be treated like individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses, not just numbers on a roster. That's why we take the time to get to know each athlete personally so we can create a customized plan that works best for them. Our goal is to help each athlete reach their full potential by understanding what makes them tick and working together towards reaching their goals!

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