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Hey! I'm Shawna Shuster

I'm Mindbuffs' Mental Performance Consultant.

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Get to know me

I am enthusiastic about working in sport and performance psychology because I have a deep passion for teaching individuals the mental skills that they need to reach their goals.  Developing an understanding of one’s self, how to set attainable yet challenging goals and reaching for success is a skill that I teach clients.  I am passionate about working with athletes and performers to help them handle the pressures of life and sport in a constructive way, sharing knowledge and ideas to work together to achieve success.  My personal experience in sport, as well as formal educational tools and experience utilizing mental skills, aid the lives of those I work with.  


I strive to create a safe space for clients to learn/practice mental skills, discover what works best for them and explore what pushes them in a safe space that allows for mistakes to be learned from. I use motivational interviewing and change talk to work with my athletes to cooperatively explore solutions with a focus on strengths as assets and tools for personal success.


My experience as an athlete, coach, and kinesiologist and my master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology are all important contributors to my ability to connect and bring out the best in my clients.

What I do

My specializations

Team performance, foundational performance skills and strategies

Populations I work with

Children (6+), Teens, Adults, Small Groups, and Teams

Interventions I use

Clinical Hypnosis (Level 2), Biofeedback



/per session

  • Mental Performance Consulting is the practice of using knowledge and skills in order to optimize the performance and mental and emotional well-being of an athlete.

  • Mental Performance Consultants are not covered by most insurance companies.

  • Sessions are based purely on the foundations of sport and performance skills and are not sports psychology sessions.

Individual session

Team Session


/per session

  • Includes a variety of introductory and in-depth sessions that can be customized for your team or group's individual needs.

  • Price includes the use of our team room in our Sherwood Park clinic. Additional travel fees may apply if your team wishes to hold the sessions at an alternate location.



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