The Culture of Silence in Coach-Athlete Relationships Part 2 Ep 2

Episode description

In the world of sports, power differentials between athletes and coaches represent a complicated interplay that significantly influences the dynamics both on and off the field. This episode delves into the multifaceted layers of these relationships, examining the power dynamics of different coaching styles and exploring common examples of power struggles between athletes and coaches. From the delicate balance of authority to the potential for mentorship and growth, the discussion sheds light on the nuances that define this pivotal relationship. We then share strategies for fostering healthy coach-athlete relationships, illustrating the consequences of power imbalances that contribute to a variety of issues from decreased performance to lifelong trauma. This may sound dramatic and the word trauma is certainly overused to describe moments of discomfort, but coach-athlete relationships are nearly as impactful as parent-child relationships.

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Episode guest

Lindsay Piper

Registered Provisional Psychologist