Amelia Gillese

Amelia Gillese

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I have been involved in sports and performance for as long as I can remember. I started skiing before my second birthday and never looked back! I soon became a competitive alpine ski racer, and then went on to coach both alpine and para-alpine ski racing. I am also a life long creative- I am an avid musician, and I also enjoy acting, musical theatre, and painting!

I completed my undergraduate studies in psychology, while minoring in music, and working as a coach. It was during this time that I realized I could combine my passions for mental health, athletics, and the creative arts in a career as a sports and performance psychologist. I truly believe that with the right set of skills, people can take steps to improve not only their athletic or creative performance, but also their overall quality of life. My goal is to help people do exactly that, and help unlock confidence, self awareness, insight, and belief and ability to recognize your truest potential along the way.

My previous experience centres around working with children and youth, athletes, para-athletes, and creative performers of all ages.

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