Mat de Moissac

Registered Provisional Psychologist
Sport Psychology, First Responders, Career and Business Development, Anxiety, and Life Transitions
Children (10+), Teens, Adults, and Teams
EMDR, Solution-Focused, Somatic, and Mindfulness

Mat is currently licensed to practice in Alberta, Nunavut, and the Yukon.

Over the past 14 years, my passion for sport began to blend with a desire to see a change in the way high-performing individuals are developed in athletics, business, and e-sports. "Right Effort" has been a concept deeply rooted in my philosophy as I have seen people work inefficiently and ineffectively as they are instructed to blindly pursue goals that don't align with their identity or learn from others how to be motivated by unhealthy sources like fear of failure, financial achievement, or recognition as these inevitably run them into the ground.

Outside of teaching people tools and skills for how to master their minds or live with stress, my work is devoted to helping people thrive by aligning their personalities, interests and values towards a meaningful life that maximizes the impact they can have on the people around them. This is only possible when we do the hard work of recalibrating the most essential part of human performance...our core beliefs.


Direct billing is available for the following providers: Medavie, Blue Cross, and Greenshield.

Client reimbursed coverage is available through almost all other insurance companies. Please check with your provider before booking to verify coverage of credentials.

Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length and include the following:

  • In-person psychology session

  • Telehealth video session

  • Phone session

Individual session


Team/Corporate session


Team and Corporate sessions are 60 minutes in length and include a variety of introductory and in-depth sessions that can be customized for your team or group's individual needs. For more information, please contact us.

The online booking function is for current clients only. If you are a new client OR a discharged client and book an appointment online while Mat is not accepting new clients we will automatically cancel your appointment and add you to the waitlist. We will notify you as spots become available in the order that they are received. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out the other members of our incredible team!

Please note: Mat is not accepting new clients for the remainder of 2022