Kayla Unrau

B.Ed, P.PEd

Masters in Counselling Student

EMDR Trained

Populations: Children (6+), Teens, Adults, and Teams

Growing up, sport help me recognize the importance of perseverance, drive, and passion, three things that over time have translated into other areas of my life. Competition has allowed me to understand my strengths and weakness, learn my core values, and develop a level of purpose I may not have discovered without it. Throughout my athletic pursuits, maximizing performance has been a prevalent theme, something that has served me well in my personal and professional education, as well as in my first career as a teacher. Coaching and teaching young people left me with the feeling that something was missing—the element that connects the individual to their goals and ultimate potential. Using a client-centered approach, my goal is to support individuality and the development of personalized goals and strategies to assist you in reaching your desired outcome.

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