Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology for Athletes

Sport psychology uses psychological knowledge and skills to help athletes reach their peak performance goals. It enhances the overall wellbeing of athletes, considers the social and emotional development of playing a high-performance sport, and targets the unique cultural challenges frequently found within teams and organizations. Sports psychologists use interventions that are custom fit to the athletes' needs regardless of setting, level of competition, or age. We work with both individuals and teams striving to perform at their best. At Mindbuffs, we bring our collective experience in athletics and coaching into our Sport and Performance Psychology practice to help you achieve your goals.

Increase focus and performance

Deal with distractions more effectively

Increase confidence and self-esteem

Develop skills to deal with setbacks and errors

Develop a strong routine (pre and post-game)

Sport Psychologists advocate for their athletes

Strengthen emotional and behaviour control

Increase mental toughness and grit

Reasons to Utilize Sport Psychology

Still not sure if Sport Psychology is right for you?

Mindbuffs offers information sessions for those considering whether to include sport psychology within their organization or group.

Types of Sessions

At Mindbuffs, we offer both Individual and Team/ Small Group Sport Psychology sessions. 

For Individuals

(50-minute session)

Whether you are looking to enhance your performance or prepare for an upcoming sport season, Mindbuffs will help you achieve your goals. Through a combination of traditional Sport Psychology practices and personalized performance sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself and how you can get the most out of your game.

For Teams or Small Groups

(60-minute session)

If you are interested in developing the performance of your team or organization, Mindbuffs offers a variety of introductory and in-depth group sessions. By growing in your individual skills and self-awareness as a group, Mindbuffs can help your team move forward together. Mindbuffs can also provide information sessions for organizations that are looking to learn and implement the fundamentals of sport and performance psychology.