For Individuals


Whether you are looking to enhance your performance or prepare for an upcoming sport season, Mindbuffs will help you achieve your goals. Through a combination of traditional Sport Psychology practices and personalized performance sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself and how you can get the most out of your game. 

For Teams

If you are interested in developing the performance of your team or organization, Mindbuffs offers a variety of introductory and in depth group sessions. By growing in your individual skills and self-awareness as a group, Mindbuffs can help your team move forward together. Mindbuffs can also provide information sessions for organizations that are looking to learn and implement the fundamentals of sport and performance psychology.


Research over the past 10-15 years has been undeniable in terms of what the most important aspect of human performance is: Mindfulness. Whether it is school, work, relationships, or sports, a person is at their best when they are fully present. When the mind or body is worried about making mistakes, getting hurt, or overthinking every word or decision you make, you are splitting your focus and attention with all of that internal conflict. Athletes have often described the feeling of playing their best games as it being effortless, intense yet calm, free from thought almost like living in slow motion. They, of course, are describing what it feels like to be in the zone or "flow state" – the most optimum state of human performance as accessed through 100% intentional focus on whatever happens to be the most important thing from moment to moment. 


We can teach you positive self-talk, goal setting, visualization, pre game preparation, grit, emotional regulation skills, but none of this will make an impact until you learn about your internal world: your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. By teaching you how to decrease the noise, the distractions inside, and by learning about your values and personality, you will have an incredibly strong foundation for traditional sport and performance psychology tools to take root.